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Mahraz Darshan Das Jee Birmingham DeraThis website is a presentation of the teachings of Mahraz Darshan Das Jee. The knowledge and experience that has been used to discuss various subjects in this website is all in Mahraz Darshan Das Jee’s Satsangs, Kirtan and Mahraz Darshan Das Jee’s Dera.

Every follower of Mahraz Darshan Das Jee has a different way of thinking about the same issues and subjects. All followers maintain that their way of thinking is right according to Mahraz Darshan Das Jee. These differences should not be viewed in a negative way. They just prove the vastness of Mahraz Darshan Das Jee and it further strengthens our faith in Him.

At the end of the day views are just views. They do not amount to anything if not practiced. We will find out which view is right or was right in the future when we see the outcome of the people who have treaded on them. So, for definite answers to certain issues, lets see what the future brings.

It is recommended that you try to follow Mahraz Darshan Das Jee’s message, find your own base and live your life in that way. Our base is Mahraz Jee’s Satsang, and Kirtan which through Maharani Pali Darshan Das Jee’s blessings and guidance we have understood and are implementing in our life. This base is the strongest base anyone can have because if Mahraz Darshan Das Jee is true, then His words and teachings cannot be doubted. If you use His words and teachings as the base in your life then you have a right to question Him. This is because by following and implementing His teachings you are His follower.

Mahraz Darshan Das Jee’s teachings and message is that in your life you need to seek the shelter of a living Spiritual Master, who can guide you as an individual to become a better human being, spiritually uplifted and fulfilled. Our spiritual master is Maharani Pali Darshan Das Jee through whom we have gained all of the knowledge and experience that we have today. Based on our experiences, we will always strongly urge individuals to obtain the shelter of a living Spiritual Master if they want to find out how to live their life.